Mailing List

The primary day-to-day method of communication with the LUG is done via an e-mail discussion/mailing list.

If you haven’t participated on a mailing list before, especially one of a technical nature, you might like to read the guide kindly contributed by a fellow LUG member, which can help avoid some of the more common pitfalls.

If you don’t want to read it, please be aware of the following actions that may rile some of the regulars:

  • Asking lots of questions at short intervals.
  • Asking the same questions multiple times.
  • Asking questions that frequently could be resolved with a quick google or perhaps “man -k <keyword>”.
  • Frequently not providing enough information, making helpers play “twenty questions”.
  • Forgetting that we do this for gratis – we’re not a support desk taking money off you, so we have no SLAs to uphold. If you want SLAs and politeness (even when it’s pilot error), pay for a support contract from someone. If you don’t/can’t pay, you take your chances with us. Most of the time though, we play nicely.
  • Asking questions on behalf of a money-taking organisation.

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