Linux Presentation Day Bristol

Upcoming Event: Linux Presentation Day Bristol 2019.1 Sunday 19th May 

Windows? Mac OS X? How about Linux?! Linux has many uses, it dominates the mobile market via Android, with most of the Internets servers being run by Linux, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. Most super computers, robots, and much more, also run Linux, and it is even in space.

If you drop in to our FREE event, which is aimed at the general public, in The Prince Street Social, 37-41 Prince Street Bristol BS1 4PS, 2pm to 7pm on Sunday 19th May 2019, we can show you laptops with the popular Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. You will be likely to be able to take home, a FREE Official Ubuntu Linux USB Drive for trying and installing from, and a FREE Linux magazine with a FREE Linux DVD . If we have time we may even be able to help you get set up with Linux on your laptop at the event, but this can be done afterwards if interested. We can also demonstrate mobile phones and tablets that run alternatives to Android and Apple iOS, but also other Linux running hardware devices such as the, PocketCHIP, and GPD Pocket.

Linux is a reliable, fast and more secure alternative to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. That would work well on most new and old computers! It makes up a major part of the open source software ecosystem, with other popular players such as the Android open source project, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Libre Office, VLC, Audacity, and so much more. Even Google Chrome (via its Chromium project), is a part of this network, with Chromebooks being sold with Chrome OS a basic Linux distribution. Chrome OS is different from standard Desktop Linux distributions, but software development work has been done to allow it to not just be able to run Android apps, but also many usual Desktop Linux based programs!

Microsoft also have a open source lab and for example, provide a Linux like terminal environment mostly aimed at software developers and system admins for Windows 10. In fact Microsoft are in more recent years a big contributer to open source software as well! Like many big technology companies Microsoft are also a member of the Linux Foundation! They even have their own Linux based operating system. Apple also use a lot of open source software in Mac OS X and iOS.

The popular Raspberry Pi usually runs Linux distributions as well!

So join us and discover the power of Linux and other open source software, you wont regret it! In fact you probably use lots of it already!

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