Linux Presentation Day Bristol

Upcoming Event: Linux Presentation Day Bristol 2018.2 Saturday 24th November 

Windows? Mac? How about Linux?! Linux has many uses, it dominates the mobile market via Android, with most of the Internets servers being run by Linux, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. Most super computers, robots, and much more, also run Linux, and it is even in space.

If you drop in to our FREE event in the back bar of the Ye Shakespeare Pub, 78 Victoria Street Bristol BS1 6DR, between 1pm and 6pm on Saturday 24th November 2018, we can show you Linux distributions on laptops such as the popular Ubuntu and Fedora. You may even (this means might) be able to pick up a FREE Linux USB Drive for trying and installing from, or a DVD at least if not. This time around we have a limited amount of FREE Linux magazines to give away as well! If we have time we may even be able to help you get set up with Linux on your laptop at the event, but this can be done afterwards if interested. We can also demonstrate mobile phones and tablets that run alternatives to Android and Apple iOS, but also other hardware devices such as the Raspberry Pi and PocketCHIP.

Linux is a reliable, fast and more secure alternative to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. That would work well on most new and old computers! It makes up a major part of the open source software ecosystem, with other popular players such as the Android open source project, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Libre Office, VLC, Audacity, and so much more. Even Google Chrome (via its Chromium project), is a part of this network, with Chromebooks being sold with Chrome OS a basic Linux distribution.

So join us and discover the power of Linux and other open source software, you wont regret it!

Are you an artist, musician, or writer? We will also be presenting Creative Commons; an organisation, infrastructure, and licensing model, which is focussed on the sharing of multimedia and creative works.

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