Bristol and Bath Linux User Group: mikecorrall


Mike Corrall

Operating System:

Mandriva 2005; (hardly ever used) M$ Windows 98SE


After National Service in the RAF (education in electronics and radar) I studied chemistry in college, then went to work for AEI in Stretford. Here I began my career as a technical author (making the manual for an Xray Scanning Electron Analyser) after which I found a job writing software manuals for English Electric. This involved writing sample programs in various languages (PL/1, APT (Automatically Programmed Tools), COBOL (ugh!), among them).

When English Electric's computer branch was merged with ICT to form ICL, I worked in Bracknell for a while, then went to Hamburg for four years at Philips medical, writing the manuals for their MUMPS software. When that ended I moved to Netherlands, Philips Data Systems, and wrote manuals for their software products, including Xenix and MS-DOS when they started with PC computers; later they switched to real (AT&T) UNIX which was fun. I also modified their version of WordPerfect to use Philips printers. We used Wordperfect to produce our manuals.

My hobby computers were a self-built (from a kit) Z80-based Nascom 2, then a Sinclair ZX81, Philips P2000, and my current desktop, a Highscreen Vobis box with an Intel 686 CPU chip. I've added a second hard drive and changed the CDROM reader to a DVDROM reader, also added a CD writer for regular backups. It runs at 800MHz which is fast enough most of the time.

After over twenty years in Netherlands I took early retirement and returned to England, choosing Bristol as I had spent my early childhood here.